GRACE feeling when wear CANNES lashes

First of all, I never wear the eyelashes before, and it sounds funny. But it is just because of the nature of the environment and exposure about eyelashes beauty. And the day I tried them for the first time, I felt so sexy and beautiful although there were some challenges to get used into the fake lashes which I was wearing but this sounds normal to all as long as we are human beings when it comes to new things or first experience.


But through this new experience, has made me to change my beauty style and want to wear on a pair of lashes whenever I will want to go out. And, this feeling I wish to share it to many friends so that they can upgrade their beauty like the way I did to myself.


Cannes lashes are the best to me because they gave me first experience towards my beauty and the way they are softy and natural look I bet to be my first eyelash liner. And also, they have high quality with reasonable price. In my opinion, ladies should add lashes in their beauty routine same like they do to their hairs. Looking beautiful is every woman desire.


We met GRACE on the morning of May 25, 2019, a sunny morning.She came to our company for the initial purpose of asking her to help us with market research, because she is a graduate student majoring in international economics and business at Ocean University Of China.We knew from our conversation that she was not in the habit of wearing eyelashes, so we wanted her to try our eyelashes and see what would make a difference.After many choices, we all felt that 3DS 18mm 3D silk lashes might be suitable for her.With the help of our colleagues, the 3DS026 was worn. We were all amazed, it was really beautiful!

She said a very classic words, I still remember: beauty is so easy!

We are the faithful guardians of your beauty.



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